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Healthy Ohio One Mile Fitness Walk

Orrville Residents Walk for Fun and Fitness on National Employee Health and Fitness Day

Healthy Ohio One Mile Fitness Walk PhotoOver one hundred and fifty people walked the streets of Orrville covering more than 150 miles on Wednesday May 21st 2008. Residents of Orrville and surrounding areas pledged to walk a mile in the “Healthy Ohio Fitness Walk”. This is the fourth annual “Healthy Ohio Fitness Walk”. The state-wide event has a goal of getting over 100,000 Ohioans walking over 100,000 miles.

Healthy Ohio One Mile Fitness Walk PhotoThe event is locally sponsored by Growing Healthy Habits Community Coalition. Three group walks were arranged at different times and locations on May 21st. Community members could chose the time and location that worked best for them. The morning walk was great for early birds and took place at the Orrville YMCA. The noon walk was located at Dunlap Community Hospital and Dunlap Family Physicians Office. Evening walkers met at Heartland Point between 5pm and 7pm. People who could not participate in the group walks were encouraged to pledge to walk a mile during that day and return their pledge sheet so their mile would count towards Ohio’s goal of 100,000 miles.  
The Growing Healthy Habits Coalition reports the number of walkers who registered in Orrville and then the state later gives out awards to communities such as Orrville based on the amount of walkers they had participating on the designated day. Orrville has been a leader in the number of participants for several years.

Healthy Ohio One Mile Fitness Walk PhotoInformation and registration forms were available at Dunlap Community Hospital, Dunlap Family Physicians, Dunlap West, Family Practice Center, the Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA, and at Heartland Point.

Healthy Ohio One Mile Fitness Walk PhotoMay 21st was National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Many employees of Aultman Orrville Hospital and Dunlap Family Physicians took advantage of their lunch breaks on this day to improve their fitness and participate in the “Healthy Ohio Fitness Walk”, at noon which started in the parking lot of Dunlap Community Hospital. Twenty two people, including fifteen hospital employees, enjoyed their mile walks with co-workers and friends on a brisk Ohio day. Though it was cold, the walkers enjoyed their walk and plan to continue to walk on their lunch breaks.

Walking and talking with friends is a great way to fit some exercise into the day. Walking is free and one of the best steps you can do to improve your health. Even short walks of ten to twenty minutes have a positive impact on health.

Courtney Welch, an employee of Aultman Orrville Hospital spent her lunch break taking a walk for “Healthy Ohio Fitness”. She felt the walk was a great break from work. “It is nice to get out and enjoy nature, and nice to get away from the desks which we sit at most of the day”.

Healthy Ohio One Mile Fitness Walk PhotoDee Frank, also an employee of Dunlap Community Hospital, supports the community walks. “We have an ideal community to walk in. I think we should do walking events several times a year. The event is a good thing for the community, as it encourages unity and wellness”.

Photos taken by Oma Marks of DCH

Article submitted by Kayleigh Gonzalez, 2008 Intern at DCH under Mary Lynne Zahler, Wellness Manager at Aultman Orrville Hospital and Growing Healthy Habits Co-Chair, 330-684-4790


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